Compassionate And Understanding Legal Help For Paternity Issues

When paternity is a question, the situation requires a compassionate and understanding approach, which is what you will receive when you choose our law firm, Sidney H. Axelrod, Attorney at Law. Our founding attorney has practiced family law for more than 30 years, so he has the ability to understand the specific needs and challenges related to your paternity matter.

Offering Assistance To Anyone With Paternity Issues

Because the word "paternity" comes from the Latin "pater," meaning father, most people automatically think of fathers when paternity issues arise. While we have helped many fathers establish paternity, allowing them to build strong, loving relationships with their children, we also help many mothers each year who need financial assistance from their children's fathers.

The Other Side Of Paternity Issues

When mothers come to us for help establishing paternity, we offer assistance in a variety of ways. In some cases, we help mothers locate their children's fathers, while in others, we assist by securing court-ordered DNA testing.

If you are a mother or a father, it is important for you to know that once paternity is established in Illinois, both parents, except in extenuating circumstances, will have parental rights, including parenting time with their children. Simply put, establishing paternity will not just provide child support to mothers or parenting time to fathers. As with all aspects of parenting, sharing a child requires sharing both time and responsibilities.

Get The Answers You Need To Paternity Questions

Whether you are a father or a mother, you can get the answers you need to paternity questions from our experienced lawyer. If you would like to discuss your specific circumstances, we invite you to call 312-489-8099 or email us to schedule your initial consultation at our Chicago Loop law office.