Dedicated To Family Law For More Than 30 Years

At the law firm of Sidney H. Axelrod, Attorney at Law, our founder has practiced family law for more than 30 years. His three decades of experience ensure he has the knowledge and understanding of the Illinois family court system that you need on your side as you work to overcome any family law challenge. In addition, his years of experience mean that he understands the importance of remaining up to date on the newest legislation that could affect your case.

If you live in the Chicago area and you need an attorney to guide you through a divorce or represent you in a child-related legal matter, look no further than our law firm. By calling 312-489-8099 or emailing us, you can schedule an initial consultation at our Chicago Loop law office.

Helping You Navigate Even The Most Complex Divorce

Our founding attorney, Sidney H. Axelrod, knows that no divorce is easy. However, he also knows that, generally, the longer couples have been married, the more difficult divorces are to navigate. Whether your marriage lasted months or decades, Mr. Axelrod will help you protect your assets, your relationships with your children and your future stability.